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Healing Session - One to One
When a client comes for a one to one healing session, Derbhille creates a beautiful peaceful and safe atmosphere in which they can completely unwind and relax.
On the first meeting Derbhille  their intention for the healing session.
The client then lies on the healing bed fully clothed and wrapped in a blanket while listening to relaxing music.
Each client will be assessed as to which type of healing therapy suits their particular needs. So for example, perhaps a half hour of Reiki/Seichem working on the chakra's followed by a half hour of Angelic Healing working  on the cellular memory areas of the body and out through the clients energy field.
Alternatively, a full Reiki/Secihem or Angelic healing session may be appropriate. 
After the session, the client can share any impressions if they wish, followed by some Angel Cards which are chosen before the client comes for the healing. The Angels guide Derbhille to pick each card for each client.
Some clients report a feeling of deep relaxation during and after the healing session. Some report afterwards a sense of some release, perhaps emotional, mental or perhaps a release of pain, which helped them move forward on their individual path. 
The healing energy usually stays with the client for at least 24 to 48 hours after a healing session.
How many sessions should a client come for?

That depends on what the client is presenting with. For example, if the client has a condition which they have had for a long while, it will usually take longer to help the condition heal. So in that instance Derbhille may suggest a course of three treatments, each case is individual so Derbhille will advise the client on a case by case basis. 

If the client presents with a minor condition such as a cold or flu, then one to two treatments maybe all that is required.

Naturally, it is totally up to the client how many sessions they wish to avail of.
Healing can be very beneficial alongside traditional alopathic medicine. 

Derbhille does not diagnose any medical conditions. Always consult your Doctor for any medical conditions which you are experiencing, and seek your Doctors medical advise regarding any medication your are on.

The intention of Reiki / Seichem is purely to channel the healing energy from Source  for the highest good and highest healing of the individual client.  
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