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Angels of Healing is a website dedicated to total well being, health and abundance on all levels. Here you will find a  choice of information and services on Well-being, Healing, Dowsing / Divining, Spiritual Art, Reiki, Seichem and various related workshops.

Derbhille  is a  Reiki & Seichem Master Teacher and Practitioner, Spiritual Artist,  Dowsing Practitioner & Tutor. Coach and Training Consultant based near Drogheda, Co. Louth,  Ireland.

Derbhille is a member of The Irish Society of Diviners

Derbhille's mission is to empower her client's to fulfill their highest potential. She offers various healing therapies, and a choice of personal development courses such as Reiki, Seichem, and Dowsing workshops and professional personal coaching as a aid to help a person move forward their chosen goals in life.

Wellness Seminars
Derbhille offers business clients a choice of one hour Wellness Seminars which are designed to fit into their internal staff Well-being Programmes.

Reiki & Seichem Workshops
Derbhille  offers Reiki and Seichem workshops and courses to clients all over Ireland.

Divining / Dowsing
As a  Dowsing / Divining Practitioner she  checks whether Geopathic Stress is evident in a client's home or work environment. If present Geopathic Stress can have a detrimental impact on a person's physical, mental and emotional levels . The Geopathic Stress can be cleared within the home or office to  balance & harmony back to a person's living and work environment. Immediately this helps a person feel more centered, calm and increases their feeling of personal well-being for the better. This can achieved remotely for any location around the world. Alternatively if the client wishes this can be done locally on-site. Derbhille is a member of Trinity Diviners - see links to see Trinity Diviners website.

Design / Delivery of Workshops
As a  Training Consultant Derbhille is very experienced is developing and delivering bespoke training courses in various training interventions. She has collaborated with two fellow healers/dowsing practitioners, to deliver various workshops on Dowsing/Divining. See the information on Dowsing for Beginners and Advanced Dowsing courses for more details and of the workshops.

Spiritual Artist
As a Spiritual Artist Derbhille paints individuals Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, Sacred Geometry and Sacred Symbols. The images on this page are examples of the type of paintings Derbhille offers. See the Angel Art Gallery for a look at some of her paintings. 

- Mary Magdalene painting by Derbhille 

There are many options on this website to from, any of which can help you move forwards in your life, to help you with your health, well-being, your life purpose and act as a stepping to aid you along your life's journey.  

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